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About DT Strain

DT Strain is a Humanist Minister, certified by the American Humanist Association (AHA) and Executive Director of the Spiritual Naturalist Society. A writer for the Houston Chronicle, and other sites, Rev. Strain speaks and writes on a wide variety of philosophic concepts and participates in several organizations.

DT Strain has sought to help Humanism grow into a more robust and rich life practice consistent with naturalism, that goes beyond a simple statement (or manifesto) of principles. His 'Humanist Contemplative' group and concept has since helped inspire a similar group at Harvard University.

He is former president of the Humanists of Houston (HOH), and has served as vice-chair on the Executive Council of AHA's Chapter Assembly, on the Education Committee of the Kochhar Humanist Education Center, and as a member of the Stoic Council at New Stoa.

His writings have appeared in magazines, newsletters, and in the AHA national publication "Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism". He has been a guest speaker on the Philosophy of Religion panel discussion at San Jacinto College. Rev. Strain has also appeared as a panelist on the Houston PBS television program, The Connection, discussing religious belief and non-belief and speaks at a number of other venues upon request.

DT Strain is an enthusiast of Stoicism, Buddhism, and other ancient philosophies; seeking to supplement modern scientific and humanistic values with these practices. As such, he often attends the Jade Buddha Temple, writes on Stoicism, and organizes the Humanist Contemplatives Houston Meetup group.

DT Strain writing & appearances:

-The Humanist Contemplative
-The Houston Chronicle
-The New Humanism
-Texas Reason Blog
-The Connection on PBS
-San Jacinto College Panel on Faith & Morality
-Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism (volumes 8 and 16)
-DT Strain Philosophy & Blog sites (2004-2008)
-Space City Skeptics
-Newsletters for the Houston Freethought Alliance
-Presentations at Houston Church of Freethought
-Presentations at Humanists of Houston 
-Interviewed at the Secular Buddhist Association
-Interviewed on Naturalistic Buddhism on Open Air Atheist
-Speaking on Spiritual Naturalism, Humanism, and ancient philosophy at churches, temples, retirement homes, organizations, and other venues.
-Officiant at weddings, funerals, etc.