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Just a collection of some of my poems, for fun :)



In his epic new novel Silbuhlt Cotisey explores man's ability to do evil in a work that is destined to become a classic. Cotisey creates an unheard of atmosphere with a marvelous package of poorly chosen but correctly spelled words.

Life as a finger painter is also manifested in the character of Altot Elros - who spent his last meal for a dollar to eat. As in his previous novels, the finger painter never paints a finger but secretly wishes to.

As the ghost of Bob Marley once said, "Life is a bowl of cherries - full of sound and fury, simplifying nothing." These are the sentiments expressed in Leonovitur's new novel, which has nothing to do with Cotisey's but is much better.

NOTHING (1993)

Living for nothing
Dying for nothing
Wanting for nothing
Stopping at nothing
Giving nothing
Taking nothing
Having nothing
Doing nothing
Saying nothing
Nothing down, nothing for three months
What did you say? Nothing.
Meaning nothing
Something for nothing
No thing is nothing
Nothing in the closet
Nothing under the bed
Nothing's gonna get you
Nothing's gonna kill us ...


Past and future combine
into a form of dynamic change
to mix and intertwine
in a pattern, prearranged.

The bat flaps its wings
as the bird sings
and it seems like only serenity.
But sings and wings
mean many more things
in this case of mistaken identity.

For the world makes the bang
and death makes the hang
when the clockmaker and the undertaker
are one in the same.

THE MOMENT (1994, revised 2010)

Cruel everything
generating nothing
...vile construct creating
life destroyed
innocent void containing
the guilty conscious

exist just because
a lie of deceit
effect without cause
a moment so brief

when meaningless bore meaning
and awareness rose
to curse its unaware parent


There is a voice that shimmers
in the deep dark light.
It calls me hither,
destroys my sight.

There is a voice that shimmers
in the deep dark light.
It sounds so sweet,
so warm, so right.

It soothes me over
and brings me in
and pierces flesh
and covers sin.

There is a voice that shimmers
in the deep dark light.
it leads me toward
its blinding bright;
its peaceful sword;
its praise of might.

To step away
from deep light dark
would cast me out
of comfort's ark.

T'would set my sail
toward unknown shores
where doubt consumes,
where questions roar;
where fully free,
unfettered mind,
I'd finally be
from deep dark's bind.

There is a voice that glimmers
in the deep dark light,
that offers hope
through foggy sight.

To lose that hope
and take a breath
of unspoiled air,
of certain death;
to live for life
instead of fear
of deep dark's light
still drawing near
would be worthwhile,
a noble choice,
and silence at last
the shimmering voice.

HOOK & LINE (2010)

To stand the test of time
sands together bind
but silver lining, stitch in time
hook and line, desire's curse
which the sands my breath disperse
the craving which greets night anew
lost by morning's dew


There's a cat outside
I'm concerned for his fate.
There's a letter written in another language as a person unknown awaits.
Glimpses of the silent room I'm in
awake me from the clamoring chaos within.
A song I've known my whole life and ignored
haunts me now both lyric and chord.
Why is it so hard for my body to travel down the road in my mind?
There's an endless quest
for an answer unclear
to a question I've never heard and won't I fear.
Salvation awaits
or maybe not
And I wonder if the former or ladder's best.
There's something I should be doing
just beyond the tip of my tongue
but like the cat outside it continues to mew
and I lie.


Prepared to face the consequences
my motivation true
my soul, the attunement
of my instrument
thus sayeth my argument

Prove to me my act displeased
the gods, emergent eye,
and I will praise your wisdom
'til the day I die

Brushing on canvas
the windsong of my youth
my parents ditched me at the DMV
but in truth, bought my ukulele

That instrument attuned
left meaning to see
but the string snapped, purpose dissolved
and my arguments walk away from me


Heavy the heart is
When cold and with great vice filled
Feather of truth, rise 


Yin's Yang not afar
But 'twas no such redemption
For the Morning Star 


As winds blow, trees grow,
And as the cool waters flow,
So too I will go.

THIRST (2011)

Before I was
the music was
and the earth and the
moon and the stars

'twas long before
those days of yore
with the girls and the
tits and the bars

And from that thirst
I planted thus
my roots in that
safe warm place

a cool vast sea
surrounds and nurtures me
in that time of
self and play

But it was not long
in my short song
before I'd hear
those fateful words

I am thirsty

The others in the sea
made me see where
the waters run dry

and though I'd wept before
when the sea held me
only now did I see
what it was to cry

The others and I
took it all in stride
we were here to
save the world

there was no ailment
we could not prescribe
and so we set out
flag unfurled

we journeyed wide
we journeyed far
and, oh yes, the girls, and the
tits, and the bars

Yet we were thirsty

We left our homes
that cold and
dried up sea

and though our thirst
had not quenched
we knew all the
reasons that be

but through the battles
we had waged
and the dragons
we had slain

our prescriptions failed
my friends were felled
my trinkets proved
quite plain

Alone again
but far from home
I could not
save the world

And still I was thirsty

My cup run dry
no tears to cry
exhausted of
reasons why

but then I see
the earth speak to me
and the sun and the
moon and the sky

Over there
behind that flag
there seems to
be a trail

my answers gone
but if I could bring
myself along
to see

if maybe be
something for me
no not me but
perhaps the sea

It is thirsty

The path is dark
not clear to see
but well worn and
old it seems

and as I go
I gather fruits
that fill and
nourish me

Then I come
to a place I've
never been

still far to go
but waters flow!
enough for the
others in the sea

I fill my cup
what little I may
and turn toward
that place I'd spurned

For they are thirsty

Running now
with my little
cup I'm free

returning home
to share good news
to the thirsty
in the sea

A new crop has sprung
a new group has come
from that warm
safe place to cry

one by one
I go to them
to quench them
or to try

but they turn away
no time to drink
though even
they lament

We are thirsty

Yet there is no ailment
they cannot prescribe
no dragon
they cannot slay

their trinkets shine
much more than thine
and must surely
light their way

And then I see
that they nor me
could ever
fill the sea

for crying is
and will always be
it's wellspring
by necessity

But still I wonder
what lie down
the remainder of
that path?

its waters glisten
if I will listen
not blinded by
what I hath

Though each must
find their path
to extinguish that
harsh thirst

my tongue is wet
though look forward yet
to that music
I heard first


I feel the longing
the suffering and
the need
I seek the happiness
the flourishing and
the peace
Within is where the
journey lies
i hear the calling
of the path with
new words

I see the world
nature one and
nature all
I grasp connections
and the links the
Logos moves the
one toward change
creative fire
divine and good

And in that fire
my self as spark
an aggregation moves
to know its self
nexus of thought
all things judged
the good the bad
yet uncontrolled
mistaken so
To judge correctly
by Nature's lead and
walk accordingly
in what we need

As ego-freed
limitless unbound
motivation purged of
self-delusion urged
appropriation ensues
compassion includes
the vicious dismissed
as virtuous persists

As law is writ
upon the heart
so does practice conscript
good life as art
experience profound
as ritual abound
the path becomes clearer
as happiness draws nearer

Together we climb
to that hill sublime
mutual supporters
of spiritual order
many a twist
and challenges swift
onward we press
persistent explorers


Road sun trees
Old man big dog
Snout to flower bush
Man smells too
I drive by