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Humanist Minister Services

As a certified Secular Celebrant of the American Humanist Association, Daniel Strain is an experienced public speaker, knowledgeable on Humanist philosophy, and has performed several ceremonies. These secular ceremonies can be solemn, beautiful, and sacred in a naturalistic context, free of supernaturalism or religious references. They may include weddings (legally performed in the state of Texas), funeral services, baby naming ceremonies, and more.

Millions of Americans consider themselves nonreligious, and a majority of them live by ethical standards consistent with Humanism. Humanist services provide all people the opportunity to have community experiences and important life ceremonies without restriction to a particular faith. This is certainly useful to the nonreligious, but has also been helpful for families of mixed religion seeking a mutually agreeable format.

If you are interested in this kind of service, please contact Rev. Daniel Strain.

Report on Humanist Weddings in Scotland