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I Am A Believer

I was thinking recently about the labels 'believer' and 'nonbeliever'. I have decided not to use them anymore for the very simple reason that the labels imply an unstated default phenomenon in which we are to believe or not believe. However...

  • I believe that the natural universe is an amazing and wondrous thing.
  • I believe that life is beautiful and valuable.
  • I believe that all human beings are worthy of compassion and concern.
  • I believe that reason, including science, is the best tool for understanding nature.
  • I believe that a virtuous life is the best path to a happy life.
  • I believe that ethics are best based on their effect on human wellbeing.

In my book, I am not a nonbeliever - I am a believer. Those other people:

  • the superstitious who disbelieve in the use of reason and evidence for claims,
  • the dogmatic who disbelieve in freethought,
  • the credulous who disbelieve in healthy skepticism,
  • the extremists who disbelieve in humility and limits to our knowledge,
  • the intolerant who disbelieve in universal compassion

- they are the nonbelievers.