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The Best of the Humanist Contemplative Blog

For those who are new to the Humanist Contemplative Blog, this page should provide a running list of the best posts (according to the author) for purposes of catching up. They are chosen based on (1) how much original thought of my own is present in them, (2) how important the concept is to the overall focus I'd like my work to represent, (3) how entertaining or interesting I think the post is. All listings are in order of posting.

Other ways to enjoy the blog would be to do a search on particular topics, such as: ethics, religion, Humanism, complexity, consciousness, Buddhism, etc.

Please note, this is a list of blog posts only. It does not include the often-longer essays from the main Humanist Contemplative site (distinct from the blog), which can be viewed on its own, by the menu of contents on the right.

TOP 10 POSTS EVER (2004-2011)
The Nature of "The Force" (2005)
The Big Deal About Complexity (2005)
Good for the Individual & Society the Same (2005)
Consciousness Around Us? (2006)
Threads on Violence (2006)
On retribution: how bad people lose (2009)
Controlling Control(2009)
Adieu to immortality (2009)
On loving humanity (2010)
Humanist Meditation 101 (2011)

A message inspired by Dr. King
Prerequisites to ethical understanding
Skeptic and humanitarian reformer challenges religious establishment
On natural disasters and belief
Humanist Meditation 101
Osama bin Laden and our humanity
Motherhood as a road map to universal compassion
Even naturalists don't stay in the grave
It's all philosophy
How we view Nature and control

Two approaches to desire
A response to Sam Harris on moral questions
David Brooks & Justin Bieber on "Happiness"
Do you have a sense of progress in your walk?
On loving humanity
Taking a pass on wisdom?
Stoic Compassion
The hidden vice
What we worship
Jesus in New York

Why do my beliefs not match my religion?
Thoughts on compassion
Examining non-attachment
Confronting our delusions
Does spiritual philosophy make us outcasts?
On retribution: how bad people lose
Does Humanism exclude non-humans?
Controlling Control
Adieu to immortality
How Houston's Rothko Chapel paintings illuminate

[2008 was mostly hiatus, with the exception of 2 posts]

I Am A Believer
Either/Or's and Iraq
Socrates & The "Soul"
Increasing Wisdom
Humanist Ritual
How Messed Up Is This?
Analysis: How News Misleads
What Can't Be Proven?
Complexity, Economics, and Libertarianism
Why Determinism Doesn't Get Us Off The Hook

Philosophy or Religion?
Exploring Meditation
Denver on Nature & Life
Revulsion at the Natural Brain
The Minions of Hitler
Consciousness Around Us?
The Puzzle of Our Time
Notes on “Christianity Without God”
Threads on Violence
Dehumanization: A How-To

TOP 10 POSTS FROM 2004 & 2005
Summary of the Primary Virtues
Virtual Virtue: Your Online Self
The Nature of the “Force”
Life & Death Are Not Opposites
The Big Deal About Complexity
Cultural Conceptions of “Life”
Good for the Individual & Society the Same
Forgiveness Is A Gift To Ourselves
Terrel Pough & Being Good
ISO The Real Buddha & Jesus