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The Humanist Contemplative Blog is a collection of all my blog writing from the time I began blogging on November 23, 2004 to the present. This time spanned three different blogs, which have now all been brought together here, along with many of my other essays which are not in blog form.

From November 23, 2004 to January 20, 2008, I wrote on a website called "DT Strain Philosophy" and "DT Strain Philosophy Blog". These entries have a different tone and reflect earlier stages of my thoughts and philosophy. For the rest of 2008 I took a break from blogging.

The entries of February 2009 were here on this blog "The Humanist Contemplative Blog" but soon after I began it, I was offered a spot at so I moved to there. The entries from April 22, 2009 to December 8, 2010 were originally written for the blog at

In December 2010, I accumulated all of the entries from my older DT Strain Philosophy Blog, as well as from, back into this blog. From that point, all entries were originally written for the blog here, though they may have also appeared at, on the Houston Chronicle's website, and perhaps other places.

In 2012 I founded the Spiritual Naturalist Society. The Society publishes regular articles written by several authors, including myself. At that point I switched to writing for the Society on its site. However, because my subjects are still consistent with Humanist contemplative thought, I also post my articles here on this blog (not the other writers'; just the ones I write appear here). The Society's articles, other authors' and my own, also appear at and the Houston Chronicle online.

Because of this collection process, blog entries prior to December of 2010, or after May of 2012, may make references to the websites in which they were originally featured, or they may have links that are designed for those locations and may take the reader away from this site. While I have been able, in rare cases, to include some of the comments that were left in previous websites, these have mostly not been carried over, unfortunately, as there were simply far too many for me to cut and paste manually. I value all reader comments so if you have previously left a comment on an article at another site, and would like to repeat it on the same article at this location, please feel free to repost it on this site as well!

Thanks for reading :)

-DT Strain

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